These days children hardly get time for outdoor activities due to studies and increased access to technology. Outdoor activities like hiking, camping and spending time in nature is extremely important for their physical and mental development. Nature is an open - ended giant learning laboratory where students observe, explore and engage in physical activities like running, climbing a tree or jumping thus stimulating their senses. It is further postulated that exposure to nature is calming, aids concentration and decreases aggression, stress and depression.

Exposure to environment based education significantly increases student performance on tests of their critical thinking skills,” according to data compiled by the National Wild Life Federation(NWF). Kids who play together outside have enhanced social skills. Several studies, including this one from the National Institutes from Health, have shown that learning and playing outside can alleviate ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) symptoms.

The only way to enable children to understand the beauty of nature is to open the door, let them out and explore the wonder and awe of the natural world as they are the future stewards of the earth.

Our invigorating activities include camping, planting saplings, stay at eco lodges, short informative treks/hikes , rock climbing, river crossing and angling etc.

An article in economic times published that 46% of workforce in firms in India suffer from some or the other form of stress. Lack of exercise, inadequate sleep and unhealthy eating habits are contributing in weakening the immunity. A combination of lifestyle issues and overall environmental stress is creating tremendous pressure for individuals leading to heart attacks or mental issues such as depression or suicides, said doctors and experts.

Many people feel an intrinsic pull to spend time in nature, and this makes perfect sense. Our brain and body are largely hard-wired to sync with the laws of nature — the rise and fall of the sun and the changing of the seasons, for example — not with the 24/7 work-a-day world.

So it's no wonder that when our senses get to take in nature at its finest — the sounds of a babbling brook, the scent of lush trees in a forest preserve , the sight of a green oasis or vast alpine meadows to even a park in the middle of a city — it sets off a cascade of benefits within our bodies.

Our invigorating activities include camping, stay at homestays or eco lodges, short or long informative treks , rock climbing, river crossing and angling etc. Choose from our various treks and eco tours.